How to Receive a Certificate or Diploma

Step 1: To become eligible for a certificate or diploma, ensure that you have successfully completed all required coursework and received all corresponding grades for your program.

Step 2: Fill out the SSU Petition to Graduate Form here in PDF format and submit it to & Only PDF submissions are accepted.

Step 3: The bursar will respond to your Petition to Graduate and asses the $150.00 Graduation fee on your account.

Step 4: You must pay the $150 and settle outstanding balances. Your student account must be zero dollars ($0) for certificate or diploma processing. Once cleared, email the Registrar at to confirm your $0 balance and your diploma will then be ordered. For payment assistance, contact the Bursar at

Step 5: The registrar will order your certificate or diploma. Processing takes up to 6 weeks, and expedited options are NOT available. The certificate or diploma can only be delivered through courier service with a tracking number. This method has been chosen due to the sensitivity of the document, ensuring a secure and traceable delivery process. Please write your delivery address where you would like to receive your certificate or diploma clearly on the Petition to Graduate form.