Register for Classes:

You can register in classes only during your assigned enrollment dates. Open registration can be found Here

If you have any prerequisites issues during registration, please speak directly with your academic adviser. The academic adviser in San Diego Aisha Cunha ( and the academic adviser in Irvine Jonathan Rios (  Online students can also talk to the San Diego adviser Aisha Cunha (

To add classes to your Course Basket, follow these steps,

  • Login to Web PortalLogin. Link:
  • Go to Menu ->  My Info tab, -> click the Degree Audit to check what course you have not completed yet.
  • To register classes: Go to Menu ->My Info-> Register for Classes.
  • Read the terms and conditions. Then click I Agree.
  • If prompted, select the Semester/term you’re enrolling in, and then click Continue.
  • Go to your Courses,
  • Before you click Add Button please check your Site(Campus Location) and the Course you want to Register in.
  • Click the Add Button next to each class you want to enroll in.
    • (or)
  • Click the Drop Button next to each class in your Course Basket to drop a anytime and re-add a new class you like during your Open Registration Period.
  • Click Confirm Registration Button 


  • View your all Class Schedules :
  • On Laptop or Computer
    Menu -> My Info -> Class Schedules ->Select Semester to Current Semester -> Get Schedule
  • On Mobile Phone
    Menu -> My Info ->My Info 1 -> Class Schedules ->Select Semester to Current Semester -> Get Schedule

Disclaimer: “All classes are tentative and subject to cancellation due to low enrollment”.

For any technical support contact 

*For all undergraduate students are not allowed to add/drop classes through the student portal during the open registration period.