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Students enrolled in the online programs may begin and complete the program up to 100% online from anywhere in the world. This means that all courses are delivered online.


Note: At Southern States University, international students with F-1 Visas may only enroll in online courses if they are simultaneously taking the required minimum residential courses in SSU’s MBA program (1 course minimum).


For online instruction, students access SSU’s online courses via the internet, utilizing a web based e-learning and course management platform and collaborate via an internet e-learning portal with Faculty and other students on a regular basis.  In this modality, courses require that students complete at least an equivalent amount of work as required for a traditionally delivered course so that the acquired levels of knowledge, skills and/or competencies are at least equivalent to those acquired in a traditional format.   Faculty may employ the same types of learning activities found in traditional courses, such as case studies, research projects and examinations, as well as require interaction with the Faculty and the other students via chat sessions and online discussion boards.  Typically, interaction occurs throughout the week, with assignments returned weekly.

To participate in distance learning instruction, students must be able to use a computer and have internet access. Students must have a computer with the following minimum configuration:


  • Windows XP or Vista, or Mac OS 10.x or above
  • Internet access with a minimum 56KB/s modem speed.  SSU recommends a high speed connection such as DSL or a cable modem.
  • 1GHz or greater Pentium processor
  • Sound Card and Speakers and/or headphones
  • 8X or faster CD-ROM
  • 512MB of RAM (or greater) is recommended
  • Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • PC, laptop, or tablet with video capability


What is an Online Course?


In an online course students do not meet physically. Instead course hours are satisfied using a variety of online synchronous and asynchronous methods.  For synchronous meeting time, a class meets online as specified by an instructor in a class. For asynchronous meetings times, an instructor typically has weekly class discussions online through the online course portal that students can complete at their own pace but adhering to the weekly due dates.


While an instructor typically posts a weekly lecture for student use, the bulk of the learning consist of self-study materials that are self-directed. Even though the core concepts of a course are brought to light by reading the course textbook, learning is typically reinforced using the following methods:


  • Weekly student class postings on a weekly-related topic.
  • Weekly individual case study assignment.


The midterm and final examinations (if any), virtual meetings (if any), and assignment evaluations are all ways in which student learning is also assessed in online class.


Will you be doing more in an online class compared to a site-class?


Online courses by themselves may seem to require an extra effort from the student because they involve spending time alone reading through the syllabus and the different assignments. But the reality is that this online course is set up with the same time frame as a regular on-site class. However, this online class requires a student to be especially vigilant concerning an instructor’s announcements and instructions given on assignments and exams.


When do online classes begin?


Online MBA classes follow the regular schedule of classes. Please see the Academic Calendar for additional information:


What online course management system is used?


SSU uses “Moodle” to deliver online classes. Moodle is a very user-friendly course portal and compatible with most internet browsers. MOODLE – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


How can prospective students apply?


If you are interested in joining this program, please see our Prospective Student Guide:


Can online MBA students take on-site classes at our San Diego or Irvine campuses?


Yes, online-only students can also take on-site classes. International students will need to have a valid Passport and F1 student visa approved at SSU before being allowed to take on-site classes. Additional requirements for international students can be found on our Admissions page: