Total Tuition


Total Tuition – MSIT 56 Credits x $265.65/unit$14,876.40
Non-refundable Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) Fee$0.00
Non-refundable Student Fee for the State of Nevada for Nevada students only$4.00

A normal academic course load for MSIT students consists of  8 credit hours per term (2 classes), which would result in tuition fee charges of $ 2,125.20 plus library fees of $75.00/quarter and a $40.00 Processing fee/payment on any Payment Plan.

Total minimum quarterly payment for MSIT – $2,240.20

Current students are bound by the pricing and terms included in their Enrollment Agreement, which is consistent with the SSU Catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment.


*Tuition and Fees Subject to Change at Any Time without Prior Notice.

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