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Southern States University’s Master of Science in Information Technology is a two-year program. With its emphasis on providing a solid academic and theoretical foundation combined with modern IT skills, the program is structured to ensure its students acquire an in-depth understanding of the IT field, as well as the technical skills required to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of IT issues in the modern world.

Upon completion of the program, Master of Science in Information Technology Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the role of IT in organizations and the various technologies comprising the broader area of information technology, and their inter-working.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the information systems life’s cycle.
  • Design a web information system using client side and server side scripting.
  • Explain the technologies and issues in an e-commerce system.
  • Describe the technologies and various models in cloud computing.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of big-data and data analytics techniques.
  • Describe security vulnerabilities, and measures and technologies to secure an information system.
  • Explain the technologies and procedures in carrying out computer forensics.
  • Describe the ethical issues in information systems and measures to address them.
  • Exhibit information systems project management skills.
  • Design a complete IT system with database, networking, and other technologies and tools comprising IT.
  • Have the skills necessary to obtain at least a mid-level job in an IT-related position within one year of graduation from the program.

Master of Science in Information Technology Tuition & Fees


Course Descriptions

Core Courses

IT-500 IT Foundations

IT-501 Information Technology Systems

IT-502 Systems Analysis and Design

IT-510 Database Systems

IT-511 Advanced Database Systems

IT-513 Computer Networks

IT-516 Web Information Systems

IT-517 Electronic Commerce Systems

IT-520 Information Security

IT-530 Cloud Computing

IT-531 Data Analytics

IT-532 Computer Forensics

IT-533 Ethical Issues in IT

IT-599 IT Capstone Project

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