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Southern States University’s Master of Business Administration is a two-year program designed to help prepare students for dealing with a world of business and industry that is constantly changing and evolving. With its emphasis on providing a solid academic and theoretical business foundation combined with modern management skills, the program is structured to ensure its students acquire an in-depth understanding of the structure of the global economy, as well as the practical business decision-making skills required to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of business activities in this global economy. In addition to its educational focus on globalization and international business knowledge and skills, SSU is uniquely positioned to offer an MBA program that brings together aspirants from countries all around the world to study in a collaborative spirit.

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Course Descriptions


MBA Core Classes

BU-503 Business Fundamentals

BU-501 Financial Accounting

BU-502 Applied Business Research and Communication Skills

BU-504 Integrated Marketing Communications

BU-506 Managerial Economics

BU-510 Operations Management

BU-513 Statistics for Business

BU-517 Business Law

BU-521 Organizational Leadership

BU-522 Managerial Finance

BU-524 Strategic Management

BU-599 Professional Applied Project


International Business Specialization Courses

BU-530 Globalization of Business

BU-532 International Economics

BU-534 International Marketing

BU-536 Global Strategy and Management


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