Certificate in Information Technology

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The Certificate in Information Technology program is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and abilities to begin a career in an IT-related field. The certificate addresses the role of IT in organizations and the various technologies comprising the broader area of information technology, and their interworking. A total of seven courses at the graduate level build strong foundation skills in core subject areas and develop analytical, critical, and creative thinking. Elective courses guide students into functional IT subjects, or allow a broader focus, affording students the ability to develop skills necessary to take on the many challenges present in this constantly evolving field.  Students who join the program should expect to acquire the core knowledge and skills needed to understand and assist in the development and management of IT systems.




To receive the Certificate in Information Technology from Southern States University, students must successfully complete the four (4) required core courses and three (3) electives for a total of 26 credit hours, which is equivalent to 260 contact hours. Students must complete the requirements within a five (5) quarter period.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:


  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the role of IT in organizations and the various technologies comprising the broader area of information technology, and their interworking.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the information systems life–cycle.
  • Exhibit information systems project management skills.
  • Assist in the design a complete IT system with database, networking, and other technologies and tools comprising IT.
  • Have the skills necessary to obtain at least an entry-level job in an IT-related position within one year of graduation from the program.


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Certificate in Information Technology - Courses

Required Courses (4 courses)                                                  14 Quarter Credits


IT-500IT Foundations2.0Quarter Credits
IT-501Information Technology Systems4.0Quarter Credits
IT-502Systems Analysis and Design4.0Quarter Credits
IT-510Database Systems4.0Quarter Credits


Electives (Choose 3 courses)                                                12 Quarter Credits



IT-513Computer Networks4.0Quarter Credits
IT-516Web Information Systems4.0Quarter Credits
IT-517Electronic Commerce Systems4.0Quarter Credits
IT-520Information Security4.0Quarter Credits
IT-530Cloud Computing4.0Quarter Credits
IT-531Data Analytics4.0Quarter Credits
IT-532Computer Forensics4.0Quarter Credits
IT-533Ethical Issues in IT4.0Quarter Credits


Certificate in IT Program Requirements


Certificate in IT – Required Courses414
IT Electives312
Certificate in IT – Total Graduation Requirements726


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