Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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The Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year degree program in which students will be prepared with an academic background, in addition to practical experiences necessary to survive in today’s challenging business environment. The general education and lower division courses provide a strong academic foundation that includes humanities, arts, science and business courses, so that the student has the propensity to succeed in the more challenging and focused upper division courses. SSU’s upper division courses are designed with the business needs of today and tomorrow in mind, and provide students first with an introduction, and then with more in-depth business principles and practices, along with the skill set required to succeed in today’s business world. The program requires successful completion of 180 quarter units.

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Course Descriptions


Lower Division General Education Requirements                                   

ENG 111         Composition and Rhetoric

HIST 101        US History 1

HIST 102        US History 2

HUM 110        Principles of Humanities

MTH 125        College Algebra

PHIL 111        Introduction to Ethics

POLS 155       Introduction to Political Science

SCI 110           Introduction to Physical Science

SPCH111        Public Speaking


Lower Division Core Course Requirements                                              

ACC 201         Accounting I

ACC 202         Accounting II

BUS 101         Business Foundations and Analysis

BUS 210         Business Law

BUS 220         Business Communications

CIS 111           Introduction to Business Information Systems

ECON 100      Macroeconomics

ECON 101      Microeconomics

MKT 110        Principles of Marketing

MTH 130        Business Statistics

MTH 135        Business Calculus


Upper Division General Education Requirements                                   

ENG 305         Technical Writing

HIST 410        World History

HUM 305        Impact of Science Fiction on Historical & Modern Literature

HUM 405        European Humanities

MTH 305        Statistics

MTH 310        Finite Math with Applications

MUS 305        The History of American Music


Upper Division Core Course Requirements                         

BUS 480         Capstone

FIN 305          Business Finance

MGT 305        Operations Management

MGT 310        Principles of Management and Organization

MKT 305        Marketing Fundamentals

PHIL 305        Business Ethics


Upper Division Marketing Specialization Courses                                   

MKT 310        Consumer Behavior

MKT 315        Global Marketing

MKT 320        Sales Strategies

MKT 405        Introduction to Marketing Research

MKT 411        Introduction to Advertising

MKT 415        Services Marketing

MKT 420        E-Marketing



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