MBA Degree and Careers

It is now that time of the year when college students across schools and universities are finishing an academic year and commencing a new one. Part of that process is the decision about whether to seek a graduate degree.

But enrolling in a graduate degree is not just a financial decision; it is also a career decision that will frame the long-term path in someone’s employment. One of those popular graduate degrees is the MBA. An MBA degree (short for Master of Business Administration) is commonly sought by individuals that are planning a traditional career in business as an operations manager, finance manager, marketing manager, and so on. But there are many other career opportunities that an MBA degree could open.

For instance, someone working in the nursing field could find the MBA degree as a path for learning skills and knowledge in team building, operations management, and communication skills. Although the time commitment can be long in an MBA program, from 1.5 years to 2 years, there are many schools that offer hybrid, evening, and weekend classes for working adults.

International students that seek an MBA degree in the U.S. or outside of their home country are also more likely to expand upon their professional network whether it is in nursing, teaching, law, engineering, or any other field. This is another example that demonstrates how an MBA degree can expand career opportunities.