You can find and download the required forms below and once you have all application documents ready, you can start to upload the completed documents. Use the upload link below.

Before uploading your documents check the application requirements and instructions:
SSU Admissions Checklist Graduate Programs and the SSU Prospective Student Guide - CA & NV for reference.

This application for admission creates your formal educational record here at Southern States University. Please enter accurate and valid information. Upload forms in PDF format, except Statement of Purpose (essay in WORD format). Pictures will not be accepted.

Download Forms Required for Admission:

To complete and sign forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You can download it from here: Acrobat Reader

MBA - California Degree Enrollment Agreement

MBA - Performance Fact Sheet – SANDIEGO

MBA - Performance Fact Sheet - IRVINE

*Steps to complete EA and SPFS.
1- Download.
2- Save the File on your computer.
3- Make sure you open the file with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat DC (Microsoft Edge does not work).
4- Complete forms and sign by creating your digital signature and Save completed/signed form.
5- Upload.

Begin your enrollment by uploading the admissions documents here: