Career related experience is one of the four most important factors employers look for when interviewing & hiring college graduates. Career Services will work closely with you to help you identify, and apply for, suitable internship opportunities.
If academic credit is to be awarded for internship experience, it is recommended that the student contact the academic advisor before the scheduled start of the internship to determine if the internship is eligible for credit and what paperwork, assignments, etc., are needed. Failure to communicate with academic advisor may result in the student’s inability to obtain academic credit for an internship.


Recommended Steps:

  • Work with appropriate faculty advisor or administrator to obtain site approval, and verify availability of credit for experience.  (It is recommended that students do this before committing to the internship).
  • Determine procedure for registering for internship credits. This includes obtaining appropriate forms and signatures.
  • Have a clear understanding of the internship application process. This will vary with each experience, but may include: faculty referrals, resume and cover letter, on-line applications, participation in on-campus internship interviews.
  • A student is responsible for informing the appropriate faculty member or administrator regarding acceptance or decline of an internship offer.
  • Understanding/Assessing Employer Requirements:
    • Employer expectations of intern
    • Salary vs. Credit
    • Reporting structure
    • Training/Experience
    • Contracts – student should review this with his/her internship advisor.